Microsoft Azure AI system is integrated into Sony’s smart camera sensors

Today, Microsoft announced a new partnership with Sony that will see the integration of its Azure AI systems into the latter’s intelligent vision sensor IMX500. The goal of the new alliance is to help their joint customers explore new business opportunities in video analytics.

As part of the new team-up,

  • Sony will develop a smart camera managed app that will be powered by Azure IoT and Cognitive Services, which will boost the capacity of its smart camera sensor system.
  • The combined service is meant to simplify various computer vision settings such as using smart cameras to determine when to replenish products on a shelf or detecting potential hazards on a manufacturing facility before these could lead to injury.

Regarding the new partnership, Takeshi Numoto, Corporate Vice President and Commercial Chief Marketing officer at Microsoft, said:

“Video analytics and smart cameras can drive better business insights and outcomes across a wide range of scenarios for businesses. Through this partnership, we’re combining Microsoft’s expertise in providing trusted, enterprise-grade AI and analytics solutions with Sony’s established leadership in the imaging sensors market to help uncover new opportunities for our mutual customers and partners.”

The smart camera managed app will be available to independent software vendors that offer computer vision and video analytics services. OEMs of smart cameras will also gain access to the system in order to add value to their hardware products. Microsoft and Sony will also help enterprises adopt computer vision and video analytics, if they’re new to these technologies, through hands-on co-innovation as part of Microsoft’s AI & IoT Insider Labs program. Select customers will be able to use these co-innovation centers later this year.

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